How to Turn On or Off Automatically Adjust Active Hours in Windows 11

This post explains enabling or disabling “Automatically adjust active hours” in Windows 11.

Windows Update helps you get the latest fixes and security improvements, keeping your device running smoothly and staying protected. But, in most cases, you don’t do anything to get updates for your computer.

Windows lets you set aside a time of the day you will be most active on your computer. Windows may install updates during this time but not prompt you to restart your computer.

You can choose to schedule a restart after Windows updates.

If you do not want to set active hours for your device, you can let Windows automatically adjust active hours based on your device activity.

This post shows you how to turn “Automatically adjust active hours” on or off so that your computer will update and restart when you are not actively using it.

Enable or disable Automatically just active hours

As described above, you can let Windows adjust your active hours automatically to update and restart your computer based on your activity.

Here’s how to turn it on or off!

First, open the Windows Settings app.

You can do that by clicking on the Start menu and selecting Settings. Or press the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + I) to launch the Settings app.

When the Setting app opens, click the Windows Update button on the left.

Windows Windows Update button in Settings

On the right, select the Advance options tile to expand.

Windows Windows Update advanced options
Windows Windows Update advanced options

On the Windows Update -> Advanced options settings pane, expand the Active hours tile to expand it. Then use the drop-down menu to select Automatically, as shown below.

Windows Windows Update adjust active hours button
Windows Windows Update adjusts the active hour button

Exit the Settings app when you are done.

Turn on or off Automatically adjust active hours via Windows Registry

Yet another way to turn on or off “Automatically adjust active hours” in Windows is to use the Windows Registry Editor.

First, open the Windows Registry, and navigate to the folder key path below.


If you don’t see the Settings folder key, right-click on the UX key, then create the subkey (Settings) folders.

Windows Windows Update adjust active registry
Windows Windows Update adjusts the active registry

Right-click the Settings folder key’s right pane and select New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value. Next, type a new key named SmartActiveHoursState.

Double-click the new key item name (SmartActiveHoursState) and make sure the Base option is Decimal, and then update the Value data, making sure you keep your existing value:

  • To turn this feature on. Type 1.
  • To turn this feature off. Type 0.
Windows Windows Update adjust active registry value data
Windows Windows Update adjusts active registry value data

Save your changes and restart your computer.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to turn on or off automatically adjust active hours in Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comment form below.