How to Install ONLYOFFICE Workspace on Ubuntu

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to install ONLYOFFICE Workspace on Ubuntu 20.04 | 18.04.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace is a bundle app that integrates with ONLYOFFICE groups which includes an intuitive control panel for easy configuration and customization of your workspace.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace includes ONLYOFFICE Doc – a productivity suite of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, ONLYOFFICE Group – a document and project management, mail, CRM, calendar, communication hub, ONLYOFFICE Mail – a solution to create and manage corporate mailboxes and many more.

All of these features and suites can be managed effortlessly from its centralized control panel which provides tools to quickly configure and administrate your ONLYOFFICE, including centralizing access with SSO/ LDAP, tracking user actions, enabling full-text search, white labeling capabilities, multitenancy option.

To get started with installing ONLYOFFICE Workstation on Ubuntu, follow the steps below:

Download Install Script

Before installing ONLYOFFICE, run the commands below to download its install script.

cd /tmp

After downloading the script, continue below to install it.


Now that the script is downloaded, run the commands to install it.

sudo bash -md ""

Replace with your domain with ONLYOFFICE mail services.

If you just want to run ONLYOFFICE Workstation without its mail service, then run the commands below;

sudo bash -ims false

During the installation, you’ll be prompted whether to install it with Docker. If you don’t use Docker, choose N for No.

After a successful installation, you should get similar message as below:

Thank you for installing ONLYOFFICE.
You can now configure your portal using the Control Panel
In case you have any questions contact us via  or visit our forum at 


After installing ONLYOFFICE, open your browser and browse to the server hostname or IP address.

Create an account and continue.

From there you can begin setting up your environment and configuring your settings.

That’s it!


This post showed you how to install and manage ONLYOFFICE Workstation on Ubuntu 20.04 | 18.04.

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