How to Display Computer Details and Specs with Windows 11

This article describes the steps you can take to check your computer specs and display details of hardware installed when using Windows 11.

When you want to know what hardware (RAMS, Hard Disk, Adapters) is installed on your computer, there are multiple ways to find out. If you can’t find the documentation that accompanied your computer, using these tools can help you with determining the system specs.

Most computers will have a serial number or identification tag that you can use to look up details on the manufacturer’s website. Typing in the tag or serial number will get you specs and detailed information about the hardware installed when you purchased the computer.

Windows also has some tools that you can use to provide the same information, and below are the steps to use to find out.

Check computer specs using the PC About pane

Windows has an About pane for computers that details specs and device information that can come in handy.

The About pane is in the Settings app. Below is how to find it.

First, open the Settings app. You can also press the (Windows key + I) keyboard shortcut to launch the app.

When the app opens, click on the System button on the left.

system button in the windows settings app

On the right, select the About tile to expand.

windows about pane tile
windows about pane tile

On the System -> About pane, under Device specifications, you will find details about your computer.

windows device specifications
Windows device specifications

The information above is not quite detailed, but it’s a start.

Check computer specs using System Information

Another tool one can use to display details of their computer is the System Information tool. To do that, open the System Information app.

Click on the Start menu button and use the search box to search for “System Information“. Under Best match, select and open the System Information app.

windows system information on start menu search
Windows system information on the start menu search

When the app opens, select an individual component on the left to view its specification on the right.

windows system information detail pane
Windows system information detail pane

Using the Command Prompt, you can display the same information above by running the command below.


The command should display something like the screenshot below.

windows system information via command prompt
Windows system information via command prompt

Get system information using Windows PowerShell

Yet another tool one can use the check system specs is the Windows PowerShell app. Open the PowerShell app and run the commands below.


The command above will display system information similar to the one below.

windows system information via powershell
Windows system information via PowerShell

These are some of the tools one can use the check system specs in Windows 11. There might be additional tools available that are not listed here.


This post showed you how to check system specs in Windows 11. If you find any error above or have something to add, please use the comment form below.