How to Change how Frequently System Restore Point is Created in Windows 11

This post explains how to change how frequently the system restore point is created in Windows 11.

When a drive is added to System protection, Windows creates restore points so one can revert unneeded changes and go back to a previous good state on the drive.

A restore point is the state of your computer that Windows captures and saves on a system partition that can be used to restore the computer in the event of a disaster.

If there’s an incident and your computer stops functioning properly, you can restore your computer to a point of time when a restore point was created. A restore point is required in order to restore a Windows computer.

When you enable Windows system protection, Windows will automatically create a restore point if there were none created within the past 24 hours or (1440 minutes) by default.

As described above, Windows skips creating this new restore point if any restore points have been created in the last 24 hours.

If you change the restore point settings to ( 0 ) minute, system restore will never skip creating a new restore point.

Below is how to change that in Windows 11.

First, open the Windows Registry, and navigate to the folder key path listed below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore

If you don’t see the SystemRestore folder key, right-click on the CurrentVersion parent key, then create the subkey (SystemRestore) folder.

Windows system restore key registry
Windows system restores key registry

Right-click on the SystemRestore folder key’s right pane and select New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value. Type a new key named SystemRestorePointCreationFrequency.

Double-click the new value name (SystemRestorePointCreationFrequency) and enter the Value data of 0 so the system never skips creating a restore point.

The default is 1440 minutes (24 hours), allowing Windows to skip creating restore points if one was already created in the last 24 hours.

Windows system restore key registry value data
Windows system restores key registry value data

Save your changes and exit. Restart your computer for the changes to apply.

That should do it!



This post showed you how to change how refreqently Windows creates a restore point. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comment form below.